A Specialist Tree Specialist Tree service prices
my prices are based on time envolved, dificulty, and cost to me.
from the gatlinburg area to the Newport Tennesse area for basic tree work with no property obsticles to consisder in the trimming, topping , or cutting down trees with trunk dementions up too 24", not hanged or leaning on other trees my base price is $250.00 for any part of the first four hours of work started. not including clean up.. I will work an additional two hours if needed in one day (6 hour day per day only) at $30.00 and hour. just remeber this is base price for basic trimming or cutting.
clean up is an add on charge ,
terran and distance to move the wood and debree is considered or to haul it off,
if im able to get my truck close to the mess I charge a base price of $45 per F150 truck load.
large and dangerous trees over buildings and damagable property have to be handled differently and takes longer because of the use of ropes. I will give free estimates for these types of jobs. and the price for work such as this will be given in person after i take a look at your project.
The Gatlinburg Forest Fires
The forest fires of Gatlinburg during the holidays of 2016-2017 where a tragic end to the year of 2016. 14 people died in these massive fire storms that swept through the area. There is much account of people fleeing barley in time to escape the 20 to 50 mph moving flames. Some didnít make it, and many made it with only the cloths on their backs and even then their cloths may have been singed from narrowly escaping the fire with their very lives.
People where literally running down the streets to escape the fires that where moving just as fast as they were.
One friend of mine who was able to escape in a jeep with his wife and dog told me that if they had waited just another five minutes they would have perished. Both Nabors of theirs on each side up whiley Oakley road werenít able to get out in time. One was a 70 year old senior citizen with a bad hip problem who used a walker died in her home. The other was a woman who had two small children they too died in this disaster. Many animal caught inside while people where gone from home at the time died. the fire considered by many was out of control hours before it swept into Gatlinburg pushed by wind gust reaching 80 mph, no warnings where given and many are asking why.
The count on burned homes is reaching 700+ and the number seems to continue to grow.
People planning to rebuild will have to consider the integrity of the trees standing on their properties. Badly fire damaged trees are a serious danger for future building sites as these trees will be brittle or very injured by the heat.
Oak rounds shown here where subjected to temperatures higher than three thousand degrees. the inside of the wood is litteraly cooked.
clean up can be done it differnt ways , I can mulch the tree up to smaller pieces with the chain saw and leave it laying to decompose, or I can pile it at a different location.
on your property, or i can haul it off using my puck up truck.
Burning can also be done and usally requires the property owner to call in a burn permit and will also require the property owner to take responsibilty in watching the fire after I leave for the day. For what ever you choose to do there is an additional charge for clean ups.
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